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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account ?
Go to / and create an account
How to Delete an account ?
Go to your profile and deactivate your account
Rules of behavior in chats
Be polite to all chat participants. Don't post a message if
it might offend other people. 1
MEMO for parents and students
2 Take care of the time of other participants. Write briefly and only on the topic of the conversation.
Publish information that is useful to everyone. Only what
all the chat participants should discuss. 3
Do not solve organizational issues in general chats. The exception is cases when such questions concern all participants of the conversation. 4
Make sure that the message is not immoral, indecent. Remember
that correspondence can become evidence of an insult in court. 5
Do not post photos of other people and information about them without their consent.
This is prohibited by law.
Observe the law. Specify the source of the copied information. Do not repost prohibited information, for example extremist.
Do not mix personal and business communication in the chat. This takes up the time of other chat participants and can lead to conflicts.
Keep calm in a conflict situation. This will help to find a reasonable